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Singapore Rice Noodles


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I’ll never forget the first time I had a Singapore Rice Noodle.  We were moving to Charlotte, newlyweds, and we were SO excited to start our life together in that vibrant city.  We had already built in friends and I went to (at the time) this really upscale Chinese restaurant near South Park Mall to get takeout. Singapore Rice Noodles?  Interesting!!!  I tried them and I was hooked.  It’s not really “Chinesey,” but its sort of an Asian Fusion rice noodle with shrimp and chicken and a very light but flavorful curry broth.  I just love them and when we put them on the menu, you do too!!!  Try them – I think this will be a new way for your kids to enjoy something a little exotic!

Heating Instructions:
Reheat in a skillet on top of stove until hot.

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