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Bridge Club Ground Chicken Salad Wednesday


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I am as passionate about my chicken salad as the next person and I’ll tell you a secret – I NEVER order chicken salad out at a restaurant.  I just don’t trust that it will be good.  Let me tell you something else.  Once you try mine, you’ll crave it.  I once had a dear friend whip in and blocked me in at the bank teller until I agreed to make her some ground chicken salad! It’s really a simple salad but tastes so complex in the preparation of it.  We actually use a meat grinder to grind it all up – and it’s simply a little celery, some lemon and pimento and homemade mayo.  The trick is that it just clumps together so well so if you’re making it into little tea sandwiches or stuffing it into ripe tomatoes, it won’t all out everywhere.  I love this salad and it’s a great deal.  A pint weighs in more than a pound and a quart weighs in more than 2 pounds.  You’ll get lots of sandwiches out of this!!!  Enjoy every bite.

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