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Boiled Custard


Heating Instructions: NA

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How many of you know about this AMAZING delicacy? This dates back to FOREVER and it’s like a wonderful non-alcoholic eggnog without any of the spices. My mother in law used to make a big batch of boiled custard every Tuesday and drive it to Durham to her mom’s house. She had two of those blue bowls – Pyrex and would fill it up, bring it to Maw-Maw and then the next week bring the other one, retrieve the bowl, and start over. This is a cross between and drink and a pudding and everyone needs to experience Boiled Custard at least once in their lives. Trust me, I made it last night for the picture and am reliving my marriage to John all over again. You will love it!! Your kids will inhale it!

$15 per pint

Heating Instructions:


    If relevant, individual feeds 1, half feeds 2 and full feeds 4.