Menu Reminder September 5 – September 7, 2023

Next week’s menu is available for orders online! We are cooking Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We really want to show you how unique and awesome Davenport’s Daily Delights can be – so we’re serving you up some famous ‘Southern Style’ foods on Tuesday next week! That’s right Y’all!! For those of you who have loved me for a long time, you’ll remember our UNBELIEVABLE FRIED CHICKEN!! Tuesday is Fried Chicken Day! But if you want to make sure you get some, order ASAP!! We must limit the number of orders since this is a complex offering and it takes extra time for perfection! We need to turn off ordering for Fried Chicken on Monday and 8:00am!! So, order up quickly. 😉😉😉 You won’t be sorry! We are also offering many amazing Southern Side dishes this day – check them out!

Wednesday is a delicious Ravioli Day with so many options. You can add a protein to many of them and they are good freezer storage meals! Thursday is my famous BBQ Day where the BBQ meals come with amazing beans and slaw for a full, delicious meal. We are also offering breakfasts this day to help get you through the weekend!

We are Delivery Only. . . Stay safe and wash your hands. Delivery is daily between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. If you will not be home, please leave a cooler out.


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