Menu Reminder May 9 through May 11, 2023

We are cooking Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and have some favorites available and some options you might remember! Tuesday is a well-known day, but I’ve included some items I haven’t made for a while – Soup Day!  This is one of those fabulous days to get some for now and some for later (soups freeze very well). Have you missed my French Onion Soup or tried my Chicken & Okra Gumbo?!?  Wednesday is definitely one of the favorite days my customers request – Lasagna Day!  Is the Classic Lasagna your favorite or Chicken and Artichoke Lasagna maybe? (get a half of both and enjoy some of each) 😉  Or are you one of my delightful, healthier clients and the Butternut Squash Lasagna or Skinnytaste Lasagna is more your speed?  Don’t forget to add the Mint Chocolate Lasagna for a delicious dessert for the whole family!  Thursday is one of my web gal’s favorites – Asian Day.  She will swear by the Eggroll in a Bowl, which is loved by her husband and children!  One of these days they will figure out it’s so healthy.  Shhhhhhh! Don’t tell for now since it’s a blessing to have a healthy food devoured by everyone.

We are Delivery Only. . . Stay safe and wash your hands. Delivery is daily between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. If you will not be home, please leave a cooler out.


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    If relevant, individual feeds 1, half feeds 2 and full feeds 4.