Menu Reminder April 11 – April 13, 2023

Be sure to view this week’s menu and place your order by 8pm the evening before!

We are cooking Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week.

Tuesday is my famous Stuffed Day. Take a look at all of the Stuffed items we offer! Have you had Stuffed Peppers lately? Or how about Stuffed Squash or Potatoes?!? There is something healthy and decadent for everyone! Wednesday is another delightful day that my web gal always appreciates – Cuban Day! She always gets the Cuban salad and sandwiches and has dinner and lunch for a few days during the week! Her kid’s favorite is the Picadillo (don’t tell them it’s healthy. wink wink.) Thursday is my famous BBQ Day! The traditional BBQ comes with slaw AND baked beans! Definitely a win-win! But there are other options if you prefer. Order up!

We are Delivery Only. . . Stay safe and wash your hands. Delivery is daily between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. If you will not be home, please leave a cooler out.


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