Menu Reminder 04/02 – 04/04/2024

Hello Awesome Davenport’s Daily Delights Friends, Neighbors & Customers! We are offering our ‘Monthly Menus’ again for April! You will always know when your favorites will be available. You can only order one week at a time, but you can preview the next few weeks full of delicious meals!! This might be the last month we can do these menus as some days have TONS of options and not enough orders for all options. We will not be doing “Soup, Chili & Sandwich Day” until Fall – so when April 23rd comes around, be sure to order lots of extras to freeze!!

Next week, we are cooking Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Tuesday is Cuban Day, Wednesday is a big Chicken Day and Thursday is our TOP requested Enchilada Day! Order up!

And remember, through April 30, 2024 you can receive 15% off EVERYTHING you order from Davenport’s Daily Delights! We are working to save our customer’s money and increase our sales’ volume – it’s a WIN – WIN for everyone! Simply use the code DDD-April-15 and enter at the top of the checkout page where is says “Have a Coupon?”


For the rest of April, we will offer:
Week of April 8
April 8 – No Meals
April 9 – Meatloaf/Southern Day
April 10 – Asian Day
April 11 – Chicken Parm Day

Week of April 15
April 15 – Casserole Day
April 16 – German/Stroganoff/Pierogi Day
April 17 – Japanese/Vietnamese Day
April 18 – BBQ/Pot Pie Day

Week of April 22
April 22 – Stuffed Day & Bowl Day
April 23 – Soup, Chili & Sandwich Day
April 24 – Chicken & More Day
April 25 – Cajun/Grilled Day

And don’t forget we are now Delivery or Pickup at South Shore Boutique Pickup from 3:30pm – 5pm and Pro Kitchen Hub Tampa Pickup from 3:30pm – 5pm. Delivery is daily between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. If you will not be home, please leave a cooler out.

Please don’t forget to support local businesses when you can and if you are able! I love my community!

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